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please note - owner, Katrina Wood, has decided to close this website. 


-  katrina wood,

freelance writer / journalist.


about Me is an online media publication - photography.The site is hosted in Germany. This site is hosted in Germany, and has a focus on Berlin, but also Germany and international. It is independent from 

Freelance writer / journalist with a few online media projects. Thankyou for visiting the page. Unfortunately, the owner, Katrina Wood, has since decided not to continue this media project and has thence decided to close this project, and website. 


 - katrina wood, freelance writer, journalist.



Принципы нашей работы

Principles of my work:  photography and news that's independent, often with a focus on Berlin, or Germany.


Here you will find the latest information about the business (последнюю информацию) or a few of my website projects - katrina wood (media)

(note: this website now closed)

Katrina Wood MEDiA